Code of Conduct

  • 1.  We give the utmost priority to compliance with international laws, regulations, agreements and contracts, priding ourselves on exceeding these standards in many cases.

  • 2.  Each employee should take responsibility to prevent incidents, both for their own safety and for those around them.

  • 3. We strive for ingenuity and to continually improve (Kaizen) our products and technology.

  • 4. We are commited to Safety, Quality and Sustainability through the entire life cycle of our products

  • 5. We ensure that we comply with ISO 9000 for high quality assurance

  • 6. We always aim for zero incidents by improving working conditions such as labour, health and safety,and taking preventive measures against accidents including employee awareness

  • 7. We continuously promote environmental improvement by obtaining ISO 14000 certification to address environmental issues.

Please see each division for any additional specific code of conduct