End Of Life

The use of flexible films allows companies to provide cost-effective packaging solutions coupled with excellent product protection characteristics. In this way all packaging films contribute to waste reduction throughout the packaged-goods supply chain.

However, the very nature of flexible packaging; lightweight and mixed materials, food contamination, inks, adhesives and difficulty in collection and sorting; renders conventional thermal-recycling techniques impractical.

This is where compostable films such as NatureFlex™ come to the fore. Standard NatureFlex™ films allow consumers to compost at home if they have a compost bin, or for local authorities to collect the films together with garden or food waste for industrial composting or anaerobic digestion, where such infrastructure exists. In those areas where incineration is the chosen method of residual waste management, NatureFlex™ is perfectly suitable and provides the same calorific value as wood. 

Whilst recycling, anaerobic digestion, composting and incineration create value from the waste, landfill has no value and so is not a suitable option for the future.