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About Futamura

Following the acquisition of Innovia Films' cellulose business in July 2016,    Futamura has production sites in Japan, UK and USA, employing some 1500   people across six divisions:

Plastic Films:

Futamura produces a range of plastic films in Asia, including BOPP, MOPP, Cast PP, LLDPE, MOPE & PET films for a range of applications from packaging to industrial applications.

Cellulose films:

NatureFlex™, Cellophane™ and Pearl™ brands:
Futamura is the world’s leading producer of sustainable cellulose packaging films.

Fibrous casings:

Our MEATLONN™ fibrous casings are valued by our customers for their high quality, strength and consistent sizes. Casings can be supplied in the form of shirred, cut pieces to specified lengths, in bundles or on the reel.

Activated carbon:

Applications for our activated carbon products include drinking water filtration, air filters for critical uses such as semiconductor factories & food processing filtration for products such as sake, vinegar & soy-sauce.

Non-woven fabrics:

TCF is a 100% cellulose nonwoven fabric.  Individual fibers are fused to each other without binders, making them clean, hygienic and free of impurities. Applications include medical, hygiene & cosmetics.

Phenolic laminated sheets: 

Phenolic laminated sheet is widely used in insulation, electro mechanical applications for power distribution, circuit-breakers, transformers plus automotive applications, bearings and gears.

Futamura is focused on safety, high quality speciality products, R&D, customer service and ethical, sustainable partnerships.

Please visit www.futamuragroup.com for further information.

Our Futamura Family

"Futamura aims to develop our business with the long-term objective of
growth and stability; I am inspired by the outstanding teamwork within our
newly established Futamura family as we work towards that shared goal. We
cherish our relationships with our customers and suppliers, and hope to
continue growing through the cooperation of all.”