Futamura is a global manufacturer of cellulose and polymeric films for the packaging market. Our core products include the market leading brands:

  • NatureFlex™ -  compostable films for flexible packaging are an excellent example of the circular economy in action. Made from rewewable and sustainably resourced cellulose (wood pulp from managed forestry) and certified industrial and home compostable; NatureFlex films begin and end their life as a natural, environmentally responsible product.

  • Cellophane™ - is also produced from renewable and responsibly resourced cellulose. Cellophane is a range of high performance technical films for flexible packaging. Offering inherent benefits such as, excellent transparency and clarity in a broad range of colours, high gloss, heat resistance, naturally anti-static and excellent dead-fold.


  • Meatlonn® - is a fibrous casing product for meat processing, made from 100% natural ingredients. Our casings are ideally suited to the smoking process thanks to their high moisture and smoke permeation rates.