Packaging Performance

Protecting the wrapped product is the principal role of any packaging film. Reducing waste and enhancing shelf-life are two key ways in which packaging contributes to overall product sustainability.  This is why the properties and performance of the film are so important in this area.

All NatureFlex™ films offer good gas barrier properties under standard conditions (see table below).



Oxygen Transmission Rate

(cc/m2/24hrs) at 23oC, 50% RH

Coated NatureFlex™ 5
PET Film 140
PLA Film 900*




 *Measurements taken at 23oC, 0%RH

Our speciality coating capabilities also allow us to tailor the moisture barrier to the needs of the wrapped  product (see graph below). Indeed NatureFlex™ NK is the only transparent bioplastic film to offer conventional plastic film barrier properties without the need for costly offline vacuum-coating technologies.


                    Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate
                  (transparent films, g/m²/24hrs, 38°C, 90%RH

In addition, our customers need the films to run fast and efficiently on printing and packaging machinery. NatureFlex™ films are highly receptive to inks and adhesives and the majority of grades are suitable for flexo, gravure and offset printing-processes.

NatureFlex™ films’ wide heat-seal range and inherent anti-static properties make them perform efficiently on packaging machines with little or no adjustments. They are suitable for use on horizontal, vertical, overwrap and twistwrap machines and for bagmaking applications.

NatureFlex™ films can be laminated to themselves or to other bioplastic films to enhance the properties for certain applications.