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Cellulose films are produced from renewable wood pulp harvested from managed plantations. Cellophane™ is a cellulose film, which was developed over 90 years ago and which Futamura is committed to producing into the future.  In 2009 following a multi-million pound investment, new production capacity was commissioned. Cellophane™ films offer a range of unique attributes which plastic films are unable to equal and can be supplied in a wide range of brilliant colours.

Cellophane™ is available in different formats, each with proven capabilities and functionality: 

  • Uncoated
  • VC/VA Copolymer coated (Semi-permeable)
  • Nitrocellulose coated (Semi-permeable)
  • PVdC coated (Barrier)

Our Cellophane™ brand is renowned across the world for its performance in speciality markets including twist-wrapped confectionery, “breathable” packaging for baked goods, “live” yeast and cheese products and CelloTherm™ ovenable and microwaveable packaging.

Cellophane™ is also used in technically challenging applications such as adhesive tapes, heat-resistant release liners and for battery separators.

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