Our Mission & Values

Packaging films represent a core business for Futamura. They are indispensable to society by ensuring that food is delivered safely, hygienically and in optimum quality to consumers around the world.

Futamura, as a leading manufacturer of cellulose films, follows strict hygiene and safety standards and practices. It is our mission to commit ourselves to the stable manufacture and supply of products that enhance people’s quality of life, and at a consistently high quality level which our customers trust and expect.

What differentiates Futamura from many others is that we stand on a principle that the company exists to enhance the daily lives of its customers and the people who work for us, rather than as a company that exists for and belongs to shareholders. Hence, there is a corporate culture at Futamura to pursue the long term stability of the company rather than seek only short-term profits and nominal sales.


4 key principles

We will make every effort to consistently improve our products and we will contribute to society via the beneficial properties and performance of the products we make.

We recognize that helping each other is the first step to achieving harmony among people and that the successful progress of our business is built on that harmony.

We hold true to three core beliefs:
“We will create something out of nothing.  We will always exercise our ingenuity.  We will work proactively."

We recognize that the ultimate victory goes to those who conduct themselves with honesty
 and integrity in all aspects of their business practices.