Six unique business divisions, one global family

Futamura operates six business divisions: Cellulose Films, Fibrous Casings, Plastic Films, Activated Carbon, Phenolic Sheets and Non Wovens from our headquarters in Japan and spanning the globe in a broad footprint. Our specialised expertise in the manufacture of our diverse range of products demonstartes Futamura's commitment to innovation and our it's mission to produce products that enhance the daily lives of the people who use them.

Our Divisions

Cellulose Films

Renewable & compostable NatureFlex™ and renewable Cellophane™ films made from sustainabl...

Fibrous Casings

MEATLONN™ is a fibrous casing product for meat processing such as bologna, salami and ham.

Plastic Films

Futamura produces a range of plastic films in Asia including BOPP, MOPP, Cast PP, LLDPE, M...

Activated Carbon

Applications for our activated carbon products include drinking water filtration, air filt...

Phenolic Sheets

Phenolic laminated sheet is widely used in insulation, electro mechanical applications for...

Non Wovens

TCF is a 100% cellulose nonwoven fabric. Individual fibers are fused to each other withou...

Asia Pacific

Futamura Chemical Co, Ltd.

2-29-16, Meieki,


Nagoya, Aichi,

450-0002, Japan

Tel: +81 52 562 1841


Futamura Chemical UK Ltd.

Station Road,


Cumbria CA7 9BG,

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1697 341212


Futamura USA, Inc.

6000 SE 2nd Street

Tecumseh, KS 66542,

United States of America

Tel: +1 770 818 3012