MEATLONN™ is a fibrous casing product for meat processing such as bologna, salami and ham.

Our fibrous casings are produced by impregnating hemp paper, formed from Manila hemp, with viscose made from wood pulp and then adding a softening agent. This unique composition of fibrous casing enables excellent smoke permeability.

As its structure is reinforced by Manila hemp, fibrous casing is superior than other casing in size consistency, especially in larger caliber processed meat products and withstands high-speed stuffing with machine.


  • Excellent smoke permeability
  • Excellent strength
  • Reliable size consistency of the finished meat products
  • Sustainable, Biodegradable

MEATLONN™ fibrous casing may be supplied in the form of shirred, cut pieces in requested length as well as on reel. Additionally, the following conversions are available for customizing to your production:


Inner Treatment

• Regular (V Type)     • Easy Peel (E Type)    • Good Adhesion (G type)


The wide variety of colors is available.


•Shirred    • Cut, Clip/Loop   • Pre-sticking   •Vent Holes   •Printing   •RTU Casing