Application Challenges 

Confectionery is manufactured in many shapes and sizes. The challenge is in selecting the right packaging film for the application.

A film that provides a tight twist on individual candies without causing static during wrapping is essential for high speed machines

  • A glossy transparent film for box overwrap that is able to protect its contents while enhancing consumer appeal
  • A flexible film that can be used as a monoweb for bags or laminated to other materials for strength
  • A compostable metallised film providing the ultimate barrier and premium feel

NatureFlex™ films are suitable for easy to open sweet bags, pouches, individually wrapped sugar candies or to protectively overwrap chocolates.


Why Use NatureFlex™ Films for Confectionery

  • Excellent natural dead-fold
  • Excellent barrier to water vapour, gases and aroma
  • Excellent barrier to mineral oils
  • Controlled slip and naturally anti-static for enhanced machinability
  • A range of moisture barriers to suit product requirements
  • High level of stability and durability
  • Superior gloss and clarity
  • Print friendly
  • Wide range of sparkling colours for on-shelf differentiation
  • Strong seals
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable
  • Can be laminated to other ‘bio’ materials to improve technical functionality






NatureFlex™ is a filmic material with inherent natural “dead fold” properties


No static build-up during film tracking, twisting or product conveying

Consistency of yield

Controlled consistency of film thickness means exact weight-per-pack measurements

Controlled slip

The surface characteristics of NatureFlex™ are tightly controlled to give high speed running with tight twist


NatureFlex’s low resistance to cutting means reduced knife wear

Elastomeric properties

Excellent stretch characteristics mean all shapes easily twist-wrapped including discs

Mechanical stability

Will tolerate rapid line acceleration and deceleration without splitting

Dimensional stability

Gives excellent print register


NatureFlex™ composts in under 8 weeks and may be disposed of in home or industrial compost facilities, as well as Anaerobic digesters

Controlled permeability

Specialist coatings give differing degrees of moisture permeability









Organic Seed & Bean has
chosen Compostable NatureFlex to wrap its Organic Chocolate

"It's the little things that matter to us and we do strive to be as environmentally conscious as we can, which is why our wrappers are compostable and made from Eucalyptus trees!!"