Biscuits & Bakery

Application Challenges

Successful packaging of baked products depends on finding the right balance between moisture loss and moisture retention. This is becoming even more important as today’s consumers look to buy more natural products, free from artificial preservatives.

Bakery products require a wide range of different packaging films to keep them in perfect condition and to extend their shelf life.

Why Use NatureFlex™ Films for Biscuits and Bakery? 

  • Choice of moisture barrier to fit a range of requirements
  • Ability to tailor permeability to moisture, no need for mould-inhibiting additives
  • Enhanced gloss and transparency
  • Good barriers to gases and aromas
  • Wide heat seal range
  • Barrier to mineral oil residues
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable

Technical Information 

It is important to balance the Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) of the product with the moisture barrier properties of the packaging film.

Products with a very high ERH require moisture permeable films in order to optimise shelf life.

Products with a low ERH require films with a very high barrier to moisture to maintain their crispness.

Pack Options

• Flow-wraps     • Bags     • Pouches     • Board Lamination

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