Application Challenges

Dairy products place technically challenging demands on packaging films.
The variety of different dairy products continually grows and each variation has unique packaging needs.

Our NatureFlex™ film range has a grade to meet the requirements of soft cheese, 
semi-hard cheese as well as biolaminates for cheese slices and butter packs.

Why Use NatureFlex™ Films for Dairy?

  • Brand differentiation
  • Variety of moisture vapour and oxygen barriers
  • UV light barriers
  • Easy open packs
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable
  • Provides a high degree of protection against spoilage and weight loss
  • Combine grades of NatureFlex™ films with other biopolymer films to produce technical flexible laminates with hermetic seals

Pack Options

• Flow-wrap    • Pouches    • Laminate    • Foil replacement