Fresh Produce

Application Challenges 

Fresh produce presents a unique challenge for packaging materials as fruit and vegetables continue to respire after harvesting.  Therefore the packaging needs to play an active role in maintaining product quality and freshness.  Matching the correct packaging to the product is vitally important to extending shelf life.

The NatureFlex™ range of compostable packaging films, based on renewable resources, compliments and aids premium bio/organic brands reposition themselves in the fresh produce sector.


Why NatureFlex™ Films for Fresh Produce? 

  • Grower/packer benefit:- Excellent machinability provides efficient packing line performance.
  • Retailer benefit:- In-store waste can be sent to a composting or anaerobic digesting facility without unpacking; reducing time, effort and cost.
  • Consumer benefit:- “Feel good factor” when buying packaging from a renewable resource and ability to dispose of in their home compost bin


Pack Options

• Vertical & Horizontal Form Fill  • Stand Up Pouches


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Shelf Life Extension

Jon Wynn, ASDA Produce Category Technical Manager stated “I am delighted with the performance of Viridiflex® film and the Extra Special Cornish Crystal potato pack. ASDA customers have benefited from a significant increase in product life and end of life product quality, highlighted by a 92% year on year reduction in complaints in the first five weeks of the Extra Special Cornish Crystal Potato season.”