Application Challenges 

Whether you are packing roast and ground, bean or instant coffee, the demands on the packaging are very high.  This is because coffee typically:

  • Needs a long shelf life. Usually 12-18 months, but can be 24 months.
  • Is highly aromatic. Maintaining the distinctive ‘coffee aroma’ is essential.
  • Is a dry, powdered product that is very sensitive to moisture.
  • Is oxygen sensitive. Oxygen can reduce or taint flavours and taste.
  • Contains highly flavoured oils.
  • Is sensitive to UV light, which can affect both flavours and taste.

Why Use NatureFlex™ for Coffee? 

  • Sustainability, renewability and the environment are high on the Coffee packer’s agenda. Coffee was the first product to carry Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance certifications.
  • Grades of NatureFlex™ film can be combined with other biopolymer films to produce high functioning technical flexible laminates for coffee.
  • NatureFlex™ flexible packaging can aid reduced transportation charges throughout the supply chain. Less weight in comparison to glass jars etc.
  • Improved product shelf appeal and enhanced brand image especially for ethical products.

Technical Information

Roast, ground and coffee bean flexible packaging typically consists of a laminate structure made up of three layers:

  1. A reverse printed outer layer; 20μm BOPP or 12μm PET
  2. A high barrier middle layer; 6-10 μm Alumium Foil or 12μm metallised PET
  3. An inner sealant layer; 50-90μm Polyethylene

NatureFlex™ films can be combined with other biopolymers by a converter, to produce a range of renewable structures:

Pack Options

• Pouches     • Coffee sticks     • Bags      • Pods