Dried Foods

Application Challenges

The barrier properties of flexible packaging films are vitally important to ensuring optimum product quality and maximizing shelf life of dried foods.

NatureFlex™ films builds brand recognition and also protects your product.

Why Use NatureFlex™ Films for Dried Foods? 

  • Excellent barrier to water vapour, gases and aroma
  • Effectively protects against mineral oil contamination
  • High level of stability and durability
  • Anti-static
  • Exceptional seal integrity
  • Light and durable
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable
  • Suitable for single, double or three layer constructions
  • Range includes transparent, coloured, white and metallised films

Technical Information

NatureFlex™ films now provide a range of barrier properties allowing them to compete side by side with many conventional plastic films:

Many foods are sensitive to loss or gain of water.  Most dried foods suffer in quality as a result of moisture gain.  Dried foods also run the risk of microbial action if water is absorbed.   The choice of packaging is therefore critical in shelf life performance.

Coated NatureFlex materials now achieve excellent barrier properties, especially against moisture and are optimal solutions for pasta, snacks, dried soups, breakfast cereals and commodity staples such as sugar, rice and flour.


Pack Options

• Bags     • Stand up pouches      • Sachets      • Flow-wrap      • Box overwrap

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