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Home & Personal Care

Application Challenges

The Home and Personal Care market covers a diverse range of products with complex packaging needs, encompassing a variety of formats.

Aesthetic appeal plays an important role in brand positioning. Household products with advanced chemical compositions demands fully functional packaging. Increasingly manufacturers are looking for bio-based and renewable packaging solutions and there is a need for the choice of packaging to fit with the marketing message.

Why Use NatureFlex™ for Home and Personal Care? 

  • Superb barrier to moisture, gases and aromas maintaining product quality
  • Superior gloss and clarity
  • Strong Seals
  • Printable
  • Naturally anti-static for dust free surfaces
  • High lustre metallised options for outstanding barrier and presentation
  • Excellent natural dead fold
  • Easy heat-seal
  • Tested to the Miti standard (ISO14851) proving NatureFlex™ biodegrades in waste-water environments
  • Suitable for lamination to other bio-materials or structures
  • Inherently chemical resistant

Pack Options

• Box Overwrap   • Bags  • Non-applicator tampon wrap  • Sachets
• Laminate structures  • Contraceptive packaging


Technical Information

Interested in compostable sachet laminates, easy open? Please contact us...


Did You Know?

NatureFlex™ film can be used together with tear-tapes  (including NatureFlex™ tapes) or it can be ‘scored’ to provide a ‘tear-tape-free’ easy opening feature.

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