Crisps / Chips

Application Challenges

Crisps/Chips contain fats that oxidise rapidly if exposed to air and light. This makes them taste rancid. They also quickly become soft if exposed to moisture. Therefore their packaging needs to be designed to act as a barrier to air, light and moisture. Quality is the key driver in this application.

Why Use NatureFlex™ for Crisps/Chips?

  • Barrier to oxygen preventing oxidation and rancidity
  • Barrier to moisture to maintain product crispness
  • Barrier to light avoiding rancidity that causes enzymatic reactions
  • Exceptional sealability - A/A and A/B seals
  • Strong seal integrity minimising oxidation
  • Aroma barrier to maintain flavour aromas
  • VFFS machinability
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable
  • Enforce premium brand status
  • Alignment of the brand, product and packaging message
  • Differentiation

Technical Information

Moving to a sustainable NatureFlex™ solution will give the crisp/chip brand increased market share through :

  • Having a chip packet that can be disposed of through home and industrial composting instead of land fill or possibly incineration
  • Alignment of the brand, product and packaging message
  • Differentiation
  • Marketing the packaging
  • Reinforce the brands premium status

Pack Options

• Vertical Form Fill

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